We are going to spend a fair amount of time talking about Fashion and technology.  Its 2016 and those two things go hand in hand.  Fashion much like Technology moves at an incredible rate so staying on top of it is rather difficult and time-consuming.  Many of the best Instagrammers and bloggers have staff to handle the day to day aspects of a properly executed digital media plan.  To have a fashion Blog and showcase the fashions of today it is necessary being fluent in social media and handy with an iPhone is a must.  But if you really want to lead the pack it all must come together with the ability to showcase a product and drive viewers to a set destination to purchase.  This is where things get tricky and its not always easy.  If you are a beginner we recommend you use a do it yourself designer like Shopify or Wix.  These are a great place to start.  If you are not into the whole do it yourself thing I recommend the team at iWerx Connect and iWerx Media.  They have done a ton of work for me in the past and I couldn’t be happier.  This page was built and created by them and I would recommend them to anyone.  Another awesome example of a site they built was for this fabulous real estate agent Betsy Edwards and her site is Makeminothome.com…..Yes I understand this has nothing to do with Fashion but if you are looking for a great web development company they are worth checking out.  Ask for Steve!




So as we speak I am having a custom site built on Shopify to highlight all of my designer fashions.  Yes I realize this blog operates on WordPress and its a good starting point to build upon.  But after viewing the Shopify structure it is definitely the direction I want to take my company.  So this is where I leave this post…..at the start of a new Fashion Shopping Site.  I recommend this for everyone looking to grow and build their web presence and wants to make some money selling fashion.  This is where you start. In my next couple blog posts I will show you some previews and talk about directing traffic from your FB and Instagram to you new site so they actually buy something.  And how to make a real income off your Instagram and Facebook page with properly timed posts that get you noticed!


Can’t wait to chat!